Welcome to the Wicca-Pagan-Earth Religions SIG

The purposes of this SIG are several:

1. To provide a forum for rational discussion of Wicca, Pagan
   religions, Earth religions, and Witchcraft,

2. To provide information about the above to anyone interested,

3. To provide an electronic meeting and networking forum for
   Pagans (and non-Pagans!) who might otherwise never have heard
   of each other, and

4. To provide, once the postings get rolling, perhaps a bit of
   entertainment... :)

Please keep your postings rational.  This SIG isn't intended as
just another forum for flame wars, and the legal beagles are out

Feel free to read the "What is Wicca" file (#2 on your Pagan
menu) for a bit more information as to what this is all about.
Or, contact one of the groups listed in "Local Contacts" (#4).

Blessed be!