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  1. Ready, Set, VOTE! and The Results
  2. BC Registered Political Parties
  3. Candidates on the Internet/Web
  4. BC Government on the Internet/Web
  5. British Columbia Politics on the Internet/Web: Election Coverage and Issues
  6. British Columbia Politics on the Internet/Web: Discussion Areas (check out the VTN Forum)
  7. British Columbia Politics on the Internet/Web: Polls, Polls and More Polls

Ready, Set, VOTE!

The election has been called for Wednesday, May 16, 2001.

[Ballot Box Image] Are You Registered to Vote? Visit the Elections BC Election 2001 Site for details.

Find your riding here (Elections BC Electoral District Maps with links to voting locations).

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Election Results

Jump to Summary of Results (Elections BC). The official election results should be posted after May 29 (Final Count day).

Jump to Election 2001 Coverage section

Jump Greater Victoria Region Candidates page for unofficial election results.

BC Registered Political Parties[Political Parties Image]

Registered Political Parties (Elections BC List)

Note: Not all parties listed below are running candidates in the Greater Victoria Region electoral districts.

In alphabetical order:

  1. Accountability British Columbia
  2. All Nations Party of British Columbia
  3. Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers
  4. The Alternative Party
  5. B.C. Action Party
  6. British Columbia Citizens Alliance Now
  7. British Columbia Conservative Party and Candidates
  8. British Columbia First Alliance Association
  9. British Columbia Liberal Party and Candidates
  10. British Columbia Marijuana Party and Candidates
  11. The British Columbia Party or http://www.bcparty.ca/
  12. British Columbia Patriot Party
  13. British Columbia Social Credit Party
  14. Canadian Alliance Party of British Columbia
  15. The Central Party
  16. Centre Democratic Party
  17. Citizens Commonwealth Federation (No Web site located as of May 8, 2001)
  18. Coalition British Columbia
  19. Communist Party of BC and Candidates
  20. Council of British Columbia
  21. The Enterprise Party of British Columbia
  22. Green Party Political Association of British Columbia and Candidates
  23. Natural Law Party of British Columbia (via the Natural Law Party of Canada)
  24. New Democratic Party of B.C. and Candidates
  25. Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think For Themselves And Be Their Own Politicians
  26. People's Front
  27. Real Democracy Association of BC
  28. Reform Party of British Columbia and Candidates
  29. United British Columbia Association
  30. Unity Party of BC and Candidates
  31. We The People Party
  32. Western Canada Concept Party of B.C.
  33. Western Independence Party of British Columbia
  34. Western Reform

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[Candidates Image]Candidates on the Internet/Web

Greater Victoria Region Candidates (Victoria Telecommunity Network)

Provincial General Election 2001 Official List of Candidates (Elections BC)

Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia(Courtesy of the BC Legislative Assembly). Includes links to e-mail information, photographs, and biographies of MLAs elected to the 36th Parliament.

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BC Government on the Internet/Web[BC Flag]

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[Megaphone Image]British Columbia Politics on the Internet/Web

Election Coverage and Issues

General Media Web Sites

The Victoria Telecommunity Network's Media Menu and the Music and Audio on the Internet Directory: Radio contain additional publication and broadcast media Web sites and links.

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Discussion Areas

Polls, Polls and More Polls

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