Election '96 
British Columbia

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The election has been called for May 28th.

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NEWElections BC Information

BC Political Parties on the Web[Political Parties Image]

Note: Not all parties listed below are running candidates in the 1996 BC provincial election. See the Candidates list for further information.

    In alphabetical order:

  1. BC First Alliance Party
  2. BC Green Party
  3. BC Liberal Party
  4. BC Libertarian Party
  5. BC New Democratic Party
  6. Family Coalition Party of BC
  7. Natural Law Party
  8. Progressive Democratic Alliance Party of BC
  9. Reform Party of BC
  10. Social Credit Party
  11. Socialist Party of Canada

Can't find your favourite party? Check the BC Party List compiled by Vic Yanda.

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NEWList of Candidates for the Provincial General Election 1996 (Official: Elections BC)

Members of the Legislative Assembly Biographies (Courtesy of the BC Legislative Assembly Home Page)

BC Government on the Internet[BC Flag]

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