last updated March 26, 1995

Hi there! The full list is available elsewhere online (Mac-FTP-list [abridged])
and what appears below is only a fraction of the known apple/macintosh FTP 
sites.  Freenet doesn't offer FTP, so we post this list for those who have FTP
access on other online services.  Have fun.

Note:  It is proper Nettique to FTP during the non-business hours and to
FTP to sites in one's own area to avoid strain and extra cost to the Net.
Thanks, MacSIGops.

These sites have many mac files, and are still getting new ones:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------       /mac/                 /pub/mac/                       /pub/mac/                         /pub/mac/         limited access      /pub/mac/                     /ftp/pub/alt.sources.mac/      /News/comp.binaries.mac/    /mac/          {use mirrors below}     /micros/mac/              /info-mac/     {use mirrors below}

These sites are shadow/mirror archives (the same stuff) of something else:
(Key: IM = info-mac, UM = umich)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------      /pub/mirrors/      "/A_MUG Files/" [UM]      /mac/info-mac/   /Info-Mac-Binaries/        /pub/mac/ [collection]      /pub/ []         /pub/mirrors/info-mac/      /pub/mac/ [partial IM, UM]   /pub/software/ufmug/mirrors/Info-mac/  /mac.dir/ []      /mirrors/info-mac/          /pub/systems/info-mac/           /pub/mac/ [IM, UM]     /pub/tidbits/tisk/ [IM]       /pub/ [IM, UM]       /pub/mac/ [collection]           /mac/general/ [IM]      /{NA, email/Bitnet}    /mirrors/mac/ [collection]    /pub/systems/mac/   /systems/mac/

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