*** MacSIG Macintosh Compatibles WWW Sites ***

 These web sites show detail the Macintosh Compatibles.  These are good sites
 and though we find them very informative and a good source to read in getting
 information in your decision for a Mac/OS computer we cannot guarantee the
 accuracy and bias of this information.
 These sites are provided because we, over many years of use, enjoy MacOS and
 believe you should give it a serious consideration for your computing needs.

 Sincerely, the MacSIGops.

APS Technologies <WWW> *NEW*                              (M*Power Series)
DayStar Digital <WWW>                                  (Genesis MP Series)
Motorola Computer Group <WWW> *NEW*                       (StarMax Series)
Power Computing <WWW>                                       (Power Series)
Radius Inc. <WWW>                                          (Radius Series)
UMAX Computer Corp. <WWW> *NEW*                          (SuperMac Series)

- Do you know of other Macintosh Compatible manufactures? Let us know! -