Hi, and welcome to the Macintosh Special Interest Group (SIG)!
  This SIG is for ALL Mac users, from the young kids playing with their 
  parent's computer to the oldest professional.  If you know of any gopher 
  sites or web address that you'd like to see added to the SIG then please 
  feel free to e-mail a facilitator at any time.  Be sure to include the 
  entire site address including any port numbers and sub-directories.
  Okay, now some ground rules:
  1)  No harsh language (swearing included) allowed.   This includes
      such things as 'flaming', flaming being the verbal abuse of 
      someone else's person or position.  For instance... 'You have 
      an IBM-clone? You are @*$%^&$ stupid!'  This type of behaviour 
      is counter productive and even disruptive and hence will not be 
  2)  No 'my computer rules' diatribes.
  3)  No pirating, cracking, breaking or other discussions of illegal
      natures will be tolerated.  Messages of this sort will be deleted
      as soon as a facilitator becomes aware of it.
  4)  No commercial advertising of any sort.  What we do not wish to see
      is 'On sale now...' type of messages.  'For Sale' ads are allowed
      under the For Sale SIG area.  Type 'go 4sale' at the command prompt
      and there you are.
  5)  Be friendly and supportive, and spread the word that this area
  6)  No 'warez' sites to be published.
  Thank you for listening to us.  Now get out there and meet the other 
  Macintosh owners and users.
  Krishen and Andrew.

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