Academy One appears on several computer systems and networks.  
Each of those has their own set of rules for what is and is not proper 
conduct.  Academy One users need to realize they must conform to the 
most conservative of those rules.  Therefore, the Academy One rules 
must be strict and conservative.

   Please read the following rules of conduct.  If you can agree to 
follow them, please sign your name at the end and include the date.  
It is a privilege to participate in Academy One.  That privilege can 
be taken away if you do not follow these rules.

   Keep in mind that you are part of a world-wide community, a "virtual" 
school without walls.  Your fellow students are in many countries.  
You are the pioneers of a new type of school.  You are among the few 
who are privileged to be involved at this time.  Your proper behavior 
will help others to gain the same privilege as you.  

A  ttention to grammar, spelling and subject lines is important because 
   so many others will be reading your message.  You want them to see 
   your best work and to be able to find it quickly.

C  opyright laws need to be observed carefully.  This includes software
   and all written messages. Do not steal other people's work.  Give 
   credit where credit is due.

A  nswer e.mail as quickly as possible because people may be waiting 
   for your response.  Do not expect an answer for 2-3 days.  

D  elete your e.mail as quickly as possible.  Storing messages that 
   you no longer need wastes the computer resources of networks.  
   Resources of any kind need to be used wisely.

E  .mail is private.  Protect the privacy of others as you would want 
   yours protected.  Personal messages should not be posted to public 
   bulletin boards.

M  embership in the Academy One community is a privilege which can be 
   taken away if abused. Respect the rights and cultural differences 
   of others.  Be courteous and never post insensitive, abusive, or 
   offensive messages.   IF IN DOUBT, DO NOT POST IT!

Y  our name needs to be on every message you post.  When appropriate 
   include your age, school, and location.  NEVER post a home address 
   or phone number to public boards.  Giving that information to those 
   you do not know is not wise to do in private messages, either.  
   Posting credit card information is against the law.

O  nline time is scare.  Compose your messages offline.  Work offline 
   as much as possible in order to share that most limited of all 
   resources in our school telecommunication laboratories.

N  ever impersonate an adult online.  Allowing others to think you 
   are an adult when you are not is WRONG!  Whenever you are "chatting" 
   online, be sure that others know you are under adult age.

E  veryone who uses Academy One needs to help "police" the boards.  
   If you see a message that should not be posted, please let us know. 
   Send private e.mail to and indicate the message and 
   what board it appears on.  We will take appropriate action.  Help 
   your fellow students learn the ways of the electronic network.  
   Be kind as you help them learn for this could be new and almost  
   "scarey" to some.


   NPTN reserves the right to delete any posting which it deems 
inappropriate for Academy One.  The following list is intended to serve 
as examples and not be all-inclusive.  We hope this will give new users 
the guidelines they need to feel comfortable in Academy One.

%   Use of Academy One for commercial purposes is prohibited.

%   Use of Academy One for product advertisement or political lobbying is 

%   Destroying or publically ridiculing another student's work on the 
    system is considered abusive and is prohibited.

%   Selling your essays or other assignments is abetting academic 
    misconduct and is not tolerated.

%   It is unlawful to deliberately represent yourself as another user 
    in any form of computing activity, including all forms of electronic

%   Any language or descriptive situations which would not be heard or 
    seen on public television and in PG rated movies is considered to 
    be offensive and not allowed in Academy One.  Private e.mail falls 
    within these guidelines when a user receives such a message when 
    it is unwanted.  Keep in mind that the youngest users in Academy 
    One are in kindergarten or even pre-school.

%   Repeatedly sending e.mail to a person who has indicated they do 
    not wish to receive e.mail is considered harrassment and is 

   Any disciplinary actions taken for violation of the Academy One 
Net Etiquette Guidelines will be the result of a joint decision by 
the Academy One Advisory Council.  This Council is composed of 
members from each NPTN Affiliate and Organizing Committee as well 
as the primary sysops running the various projects and programs.

   I have read all of the above net etiquette quidelines and agree to 
abide by the rules.

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      Student's name				date