The NPTN Biomedical Ethics Center is a resource for obtaining 
information about a variety of issues in the fields of medical 
ethics as well as related areas of law, the humanities and 
social sciences.  An important part of the service will be a 
Q&A area where questions can be posed regarding medical 
ethics.  Issues appropriately discussed here include (among 
--Decisions to forgo life-sustaining treatment 
--Euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the "right to die"   
--Medical resource allocation  
--Patient autonomy, and medical paternalism  
--Hospice care 
Questions posed here will be answered by members of the 
University at Buffalo Center for Clinical Ethics and 
Humanities in Health Care, as well as others knowledgeable in 
the field.  Questions about the operation of the NPTN 
Biomedical Ethics Center service should be directed to:   
Jack Freer <as416@freenet.buffalo.edu>; or  
Tim Madigan <aa506@freenet.buffalo.edu>;.   
To pose questions on the Q&A area, follow the directions in 
the area.  These should be informational questions, and *NOT* 
specific questions concerning any particular person's medical 
NOTICE:  NPTN, and the Biomedical Ethics Center are not 
engaged in the rendering of professional medical or legal 
services.  The information contained on this system or any 
other NPTN system should not supplant individual professional 
consultation.  All comments concerning specific situations or 
issues are limited by the information provided.  Additional 
facts and information or future developments may affect the 
subjects discussed. This service is offered exclusively for 
community education.  Advice on individual problems must be 
obtained directly from a professional.