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The Eye Clinic is the area dedicated to providing information     
pertaining to the visual system. A series of information files     
provide details about eye structure, function, disease and     
surgery. In the Q & A area, questions can be posted     
anonymously and will be answered by an ophthalmologist on the     
Eye Clinic staff.       
An OPHTHALMOLOGIST is a fully trained, medical doctor (M.D.),     
with additional training to meet eye care needs.     
Ophthalmologists  complete four years of medical school. This     
is followed by one year of internship, usually studying either     
medicine or surgery, which is  followed by a three year     
residency in Ophthalmology. After this, some ophthalmologists     
go on to do fellowships to subspecialize in specific areas of     
eye care. Ophthalmologists provide a full spectrum of services      
from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to  diagnosing and      
treating eye diseases with medication and surgery.       
It is intended that this area should be a source for community      
education and not used to provide specific medical advice for      
an individual's condition.  No such advice could be deemed     
accurate without the benefit of a medical examination.       
The material in this area is the sole property of the author,  
Richard E. Gans, M. D., and or contributors as indicated by  
either their full name, partial name, and or e-mail address.   
The material is copyrighted as of the date of its submission  
by the author and or contributor to this special interest  
group ("SIG") area.  Use (except for personal, one time use)  
of the material without the prior permission of the author or  
contributor is a violation of copyright law.  Violators will  
be prosecuted and will have their access to this system  
terminated immediately.  Use of this SIG demonstrates one's  
consent to the foregoing.  All questions regarding copyright  
policy may be directed to the SIG moderator or to Peter F.  
Harter (pfh@nptn.org) for prompt consideration.  In addition,  
it is important for all users to report the misconduct of  
another user with respect to copyright and all other rules and  
laws governing and or touching upon the operation of this SIG  
and or the system as a whole.  Thank you for your cooperation  
in these matters. 
The sysop for this area is:       
			Richard E. Gans, M.D.      
				Internet: xx152@nptn.org      
				MCI Mail: 0003507106@mcimail.com      
				CompuServe: 70724.1147@compuserve.com        
			26900 Cedar Road          
			Beachwood, OH  USA 44122-1148      
			PHONE (216) 292-4910       
			FAX   (216) 292-0090       
The Eye Clinic Staff wishes that you enjoy and learn from this       
area. Your questions and comments are always welcome.