Electronic Dissemination of U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Project Hermes was started in May 1990 by the U.S.  Supreme Court
as an experiment in disseminating its opinions electronically. 
Case Western Reserve University was one of the participants in
the pilot project.  In the Fall of 1992, the Court decided that
the experiment in electronic dissemination of it's opinions was
successful.  Starting with the 1993 calendar year, the U.S. 
Supreme Court began disseminating opinions electronically on an
official basis.  CWRU will continue to electronically receive and
distribute the opinions of the Court. 

The U.S.  Supreme Court distributes its opinions in both
WordPerfect and ASCII text formats.  CWRU makes both forms of the
distribution available via FTP to users who have access to the
Internet on host FTP.CWRU.Edu.  The ASCII text versions are
accessible in bulletin board form via Usenet News
and also via the Cleveland Free-Net (type "go hermes" at the
"Your Choice
==>" prompt).