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 |       |        |      <<< The Environmental Learning Center >>>
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 \____   |        |              training present and future   
 /       |        |              generations for stewardship    
 |       |        |              of the environment.
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     The staff of the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) welcomes
you.  The ELC is an Academy One Learning Center studying
environmental issues ranging from outdoors to waste management. 
The ELC examines and discusses environmental issues in a broad

     The Environmental Learning Center is divided into three areas,
Introduction to the Environmental Learning Center, Environmental &
Safety Information Center, and Discussion and Announcement Center.

1. The Introduction to the Environmental Learning Center
     This text file. It will be displayed when you choose this    
     option from the ELC's main menu.  The introduction is a      
     current look at the options in the ELC.

2. Environmental & Safety Information Center

     The ELC's gopher area provides three submenues: The Nature
     Center, Waste Management Classroom, and Technology and the
     Environment.  The Nature Center is where ELC projects are
     displayed.  The Waste Management Classroom is a training
     center for management of waste.  The Technology and the
     Environment area is a resource library.

3. The Discussion and Announcement Center
     A standard newsgroup on environemntal topics.  General
     announcements will also appear here on up-coming events.

The Email address for the Environmental Learning Center is:  xx151@nptn.org 

The ELC is staff by Michael McCormick (aa504@cleveland.freenet.edu)
and Mr. Len Bell (ai295@cleveland.freenet.edu).  The ELC also has
a steering committee from Academy One that oversees the project.

The ELC and Academy One are education services and intended soley
for that use.  This center is not intented for the use of solving
environmental legal issues or problems and no warranty, guarantee
or representation, express or implied is made to the contents of
this center.  Any referenece to brand named products or a company
is for illustrative purposes only, and is not an endorsement of the
named product or company.

Should you have any questions about Academy One, please direct to
e-mail address a-1@nptn.org.