About the Back Door to Hollywood Project

Back Door to Hollywood is an informative and interactive area
with several talented professionals who work behind the scenes to 
create the films and television programs that entertain us.

Each sysop who is assisting this project contributes an information
file on their job.  This will begin with sound editing, producing, 
movie processing, sound design, camera work, video production, music,
and writing.  These professionals are available to answer
questions from students.  As more professionals join the project,
more information files will be added.

Who might be interested in this area?  Students working for campus
radio stations, or taking television or video production classes.
Students interested in creating a unique sound for their school
play.  Students creating their home video tapes or movies or those
who are considering going into the careers highlighted here will
find this area informative and helpful.

This area is NOT about acting or being an actor.  

Watch the discussion area for announcements on sound projects and
tips on how to create various sound effects.  Students can share
their stories on how they created some unique sound as well as
ask the experts how to create them.  Movies will be highlighted
for their special sound effects on occassion.  The professionals
who edited those movies will tell their inside stories of what
they did to create the special effects. 

Primary Sysops are Holly and Harry Snodgrass.