About Academia Espanola 

The goals of Academia Espanola include:
1. The creation of a designated environment where students can
   correspond in the Spanish language.
2. An international meeting place for teachers and students interested 
   in finding others with a common desire to correspond in Spanish.
3. An area where classes studying the Spanish language can contribute
   ideas, projects, hold discussions and generally help to build a
   learning environment that meets their specific needs.

Academia Espanola needs to be a collaborative effort on the part of
all who participate.  This is not a commercial or government
supported program.  Volunteers are needed to help moderate the
postings to make sure they conform to FCC standards.  This is to
make sure classes do not encounter pornographic language or
scenes in the writings posted.

The first project will be the creation of a Spanish newspaper.
Instructions for registering and participating are included
in the Academia Espanola Information Files.

Contact xx169@nptn.org for additional information.