This is a new area on Academy One dedicated to the needs
of students and teachers using educational technology.
Also, emphasis  will be given vocational/technical curriculum
areas and instructional concerns.

     Central to this area are computers and the cyberworld,
uses of video, science and robotics, fiber optics, cable data
networks to mention a few. How these are integrated into the
various curricula are highlighted.

     This Center is for people versed in this area, as well
as individuals who are looking for ways that technology can
better help them achieve curricular goals.

     Information files on the technical aspects of technology
education and curriculum integration will be contained in the
INFORMATION FILES area. Discussions, submissions and
questions should be posted in the DISCUSSION, QUESTION, and

     Much of this area is still "under construction". Users
should freely contribute their expertise to help build a
valuable resource for many.

Sysop:  Jim Marras (jmarras@rs6000.baldwinw.edu)