The ACADEMY ONE LIBRARY is one of the most unique resources
for school students anywhere.
   The FREEDOM SHRINE provides the full-text of historical 
documents ranging from the Magna Carta, to Martin Luther King's 
"I have a Dream Speech."  
   The CONGRESSIONAL MEMORY provides a summary of how our 
representatives voted on various key bills.  
   PROJECT HERMES provides you with the full-text of recent 
U.S. Supreme Court rulings.
   IMPRIMIS ONLINE is the monthly publication of Hillsdale
College.  Imprimis publishes lectures by such well-known figures 
as Ronald Reagan, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Tom Wolfe, Charlton
Heston, and many more
   The YOUTH POLICY INSTITUTE  is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 
research organization which works to inform citizens so that they 
can shape policies and programs which affect their neighborhoods 
and their lives.  Now in its thirteenth year, the Institute's goal 
is to provide information on policy history and policy options, 
including a memory of past successes and failures. 
   The GAO REPORTS included here are only part of what could
be placed online.  This is a test to see if the users would like
to have the rest of them made available.
   The BUDGET OF THE UNITED STATES has an index to help you locate
specific information of importance to you.
   The ELECTRONIC BOOKSHELF includes full text of books from
Project Gutenberg as well as other full-text of books we find.
   The REFERENCE DESK is an "Ask the Librarian" area.