[Elementary, Middle and High School; On-going program]
        Contact: John I. Swang, Ph.D. (

The National Student Research Center (NSRC) envisions 
educating children around the world to become humanitarian 
and ecological 21st century citizens in an ultimately diverse 
and highly interdependent, science and technology based, 
global community.  

The National Student Research Center (NSRC) at Mandeville 
Middle School in Mandeville, Louisiana, U.S.A. facilitates the 
establishment of Student Research Centers in schools across 
the United States of America and around the world.  The NSRC 
disseminates the innovative, highly effective, and empirically 
validated Student Research Center approach to instruction.  
The instructional approach is an interdisciplinary, student 
centered, and high technology program dedicated to promoting 
language arts, scientific, and technological literacy.  It is 
based upon the constructivist learning model and emphasizes; 

   * hands-on and inquiry learning in cooperative research 
teams directed towards conceptual understanding,
   * authentic instruction in higher order thinking and process 
skills via the use of the scientific methods in ongoing student 
research in all subject areas across the curriculum, 
   * problem solving within a societal context, 
   * the integration of science with all other curriculum areas, 
   * the use of high technologies such as computers, CD-ROM 
and laser-disk players, and telecomputing networks, and 
   * the regular publication and circulation of student research 
in printed and electronic journals of student research.

Electronic journals and databases are maintained in the NSRC's
electronic library and are freely available to teachers and