About the Science Center:

  The SCIENCE CENTER houses the Academy One projects involving or 
promoting science and technology and it includes some other 
databases and internet resources for science classes.
  The COLLABORATORY contains those experiements which originate
with a single class or school.  An example is the Equinox experiment 
done twice a year that collects data from all over the world to 
compute the Earth's circumference.
  The NATIONAL STUDENT RESEARCH CENTER encourages students to use 
the scientific method of research.  This includes going through the
formal process of hypothsizing, project design, data collection, data 
analysis and evaluation.  E.journals are published of the student 
  STRUCTURES is a special project that introduces science to the 
younger students through their literature.  A set of thirteen 
activities is included and a discussion area for sharing results and 
suggestions for future activities.
  The NASA NEWS includes press releases directly from NASA about
United States Space program.
  The COMPUTER CORNER is the electronic version of user's clubs.
  The WEATHER CHANNEL is a connection to the Underground Weather
Server which will give you the current temperature and weather forecast 
for most major cities around the US and some international cities.