CityYouth Online is divided into three parts:
Part I: About CityYouth -- This section introduces students and
teachers to CityYouth and CityYouth Online.  You are in Part I
right now.
Part II: CityYouth Information -- This section includes...
* News: This area describes the latest activities and events
  happening in CityYouth. Look in this area to find the first
  interactive CityYouth project: a way to talk to students all
  over the nation about what your schools and communities are
  like, what problems you share, and what you would like to do
  about them. 
* Profiles of Action Projects: stories about CityYouth Action
  Projects that have already been successfully completed.
Part III: CityYouth Questions and Discussions -- an electronic
bulletin board where you post messages.  This is the place for
you to post your answers to the Student Survey (in the News section) and 
read other students' answers to the same questions. You can also use the
Questions and Discussions area for any questions, ideas, words of
wisdom you may have about dealing with school and community
problems, any stories of your own CityYouth experiences, etc.