THE e.CLUB (Electronic Pen Pals)

    The e.Club is a place where electronic greetings and addresses
can be exchanged between students (and teachers) who would like to
engage in an electronic mail project.
    Post a message introducing yourself and indicate what you would
like to receive in the way of a response.  Are you looking for a reply
from a class or an individual?
    If you are having trouble thinking of how you might like to 
introduce yourself, let us suggest a poem which is used in the Central 
Coast Writing Project (CeCe Skala, Director).  An example follows the
    All postings will appear in a newsgroup for a duration of one week.
After that time, classes who have posted messages stating they want to
be included in the respository of messages looking for keypals at any
time in the future will be moved to a more permanent home.  You can 
search through those messages if you are looking for classes as keypals.
    Thank you for participating and we wish you luck in finding a keypal
that is right for you.

PERSONAL POEM format is as follows:

Tell me your name
What is your real name? (not necessarily the name you go by,
  but a name you wish was yours, or a name that you feel is true
  for you).
Name the animal inside you (and why that animal)?
There's an object inside your heart...what is it and why?
There's a word written on your forehead. What is it and why?
Tell me a sound you love and why?
Tell me a sound you dislike and why?
Tell me a smell you love and why?
Tell me a smell you dislike and why?
Describe your favorite time of day and why?
If your hands could speak, what would they say?
Describe a memory or something from your childhood.
Tell me a phrase or saying that your mother (or father,
  grandparents) say to you a lot.

The following is an example:

My legal name is Sheldon after my grandfather and my dad.

My real name is "go getter," or that is what my wife says.

The animal inside me is a fish because they seem insignificant
only until they unsuspectingly bite.

The objects inside my heart are my bicycle and computer because
they keep me sane.

The word on my forehead is guilty because I should be writing
about my wife.

The sound I love is the whir of the espresso machine in the

The sound I hate is "uh oh....."

The smell I love is the scent of fresh coffee in the morning.

The smell I hate is burnt toast.

My favorite time is evening when I get to stretch out on the
floor with my back against the couch, a kitty in my lap, a
newspaper in my hand, and  the t.v. going in the background.

If my hands could speak they would say, "What do you mean we do
not have enough money in the SIP account!"

I remember from my childhood asking "How many more miles" on
long summer drives.
My mother would reply, "We're almost there..."