Spotlight on People Project

Project Overview:  This project spotlights accomplished people 
in all walks of life.  Students have an opportunity to write to 
these people and ask questions.  This gives students an opportunity 
to gain knowledge about leaders, inventors, authors, and various 
professionals.  Gives accomplished people the ability to tell the 
students what they can to do in order to succeed in life.

Project Details:

1) The person being spotlighted is responsible for submitting a 
short biographical sketch of their accomplishments.  This is to
be submitted in electronic format whenever possible.  In addition,
this person needs to include some insights or advise to the students.
Suggested topics are included below for this area.

  a. What schooling do you think was most helpful to you in
     preparing you to do what you have done?  What kind of education 
     should students get in order to follow your steps?
  b. How did your parents, teachers and early role-models contribute 
     to your desire to succeed or your ability to overcome obstacles?  
     Who were those early role-models?
 c. How do you think schools can assist students who want to be 
     contributors or leaders in your field?

  d. What extra-curricular activities did you do that might have 
     contributed to your success and how do you think they 
     contributed?  (For example, sports, debate team, band, 
     clubs, reading, hobbies.)

2) Academy One will announce the person being spotlighted and post 
their biographical sketch for students around the world to read 
online.  This biographical sketch will remain online for at least 
a duration of one month.  

3) Students can submit their questions or comments to 
or directly to the Academy One newsgroups.  Not all questions will 
be answered so students need to consider their questions carefully
and submit their best efforts.  Students need to include their 
name, age, school, and location when submitting questions.

4) During the third week of being spotlighted, the featured guest  
needs to select at least five to ten of the questions submitted 
and answer them.  The answers are then posted electronically by an 
Academy One sysop.  

5) Anyone wishing to be spotlighted or anyone who knows of someone 
who might be our featured guest, needs to write to Academy One and 
supply necessary information.  Write to and include:

     a) your name and e.mail address
     b) a phone number where we can reach you if necessary
     c) who we need to contact and how to contact them to ask 
        about being featured
     d) why we should spotlight this person or persons

Thank you for participating in this project.  For additional  
information about the National Public Telecomputing Network and 
Academy One, send e.mail to:  or call (216) 247-5800.

Contact people: Carol Hyatt ( and