About Take 2:

  TAKE 2 is a collaborative effort with the Children's Media Lab 
in California.  This is a new public television series which utilizes 
the problem-solving approach to help students solve their own 
problems.  It is aimed at youth between the ages of 8 and 12 years.
  TAKE 2 is a participatory and interactive television show by kids 
for kids.  Raps, dances, scenes, interviews, and ideas are developed 
and presented by the kids in the show, with each show exploring a 
different social topic and using the same problem-solving approach.  
A core team of young teens create their material for the show, and 
viewers send in "clips" from same-topic videos, ideas and responses.
  The test show is a 30-minute program on school drop-out.  Schools 
can get this videotape from NPTN for the cost of reproduction and 
shipping.  Students can watch it and join the electronic discussions 
taking place while making their own videotape.  Schools are encouraged 
to reach out to their communities with the pilot tape and their own 
tapes.  Electronically, students can share their community problems 
and efforts to solve them.

The Problem-Solving Approach:

* Define the problem
* Find out more information about it
* Look at it in a different way
* Think of possible solutions
* Evaluate the consequences

 The result of taking these steps is presented on camera.  The choice 
of what is presented and the style is up to the kids -- in the show
and in the classroom.  Working together in a school or after-school 
setting, is an opportunity for students to cooperate together, 
practising the skills employers will require in the years ahead.
  Lesson plans in the Teacher's Guide show a teacher how to work 
with students, grades 4 through 9, to help an entire class produce 
a TAKE 2 video.  Lesson plans integrate language arts of speaking, 
listening, reading and writing, with creative thinking and 
decision-making skills.

Contact people: Linda Delzeit (linda@nptn.org)
                Tamara Tovey (ttovey@eis.calstate.edu)