The Teen Institute

The two main purposes of the State Teen Institute (T.I.) training
are 1) to develop teens' leadership potential, and 2) to train
teens to effectively implement alcohol and other drug use/abuse
prevention projects in their home schools and communities.  A
third purpose is to build within schools and communities a
structural system to support the efforts of the student
participants.  This last purpose is fulfilled, in part, by a) the
provision of a Teen Institute Advisor (TIA) training track for
adults interested in guiding and supporting the teens, and b) the
use of an Action Plan process which allows teens to determine
projects they may realistically undertake during the upcoming
school year.

The TI theme, "Courage to Change the Things I can," reflects the
challenge of promoting abstinence in the face of pervasive denial
in ours schools and communities.  

The purpose of the T.I. area is to enable better communication amoung
TI participants by (1) providing a calendar of upcoming TI events;
(2) providing an e-mail address list of TI participants; (3) providing
a discussion forum for topics relating to Teen Institute and its goals.

The Teen Institute is a program of the Ohio Department of Alcohol
and Drug Abuse Services.  There are similar organizations based
on the Ohio model in 35 other states.

email address is