[Educators and parents; On-going project]

This is an area where teachers, teacher educators, and teachers-
in-training may raise questions and discuss issues related to
technology's role in improving education and learning.  Concerns
about using technology in classrooms will be addressed, as will
more general issues related to the art of teaching.  Questions
related to Academy One and other K-12 telecommunications programs
will be answered, and practical tips for new users will be
provided.  The Center provides information about professional
development opportunities, state and federal legislation, and
professional organizations.  It also maintains a calender of 
regional and national technology conferences.  Sponsored by
Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, OH.  Contact:
Herbert Vaughan (hvaughan@rs6000.baldwinw.edu)
David Kressen (dkresse@eis.calstate.edu)
Mike McCormick (aa1653@freenet.lorain.oberlin.edu)
George Viebranz (aa696@cleveland.freenet.edu)
Brandt Wassal (bwassal@atss.calstatela.edu)