Eleven days, 8 venues, 30,000 audience members and hundreds of performers.
The Fringe is one big festival, and bringing it to you (chairs, venues,
lights, posters, technicians, tickets) costs over $400,000 - or about
$16 a head. But, 100% of the ticket price you pay goes to the performers
you choose to see. So how do we cover the cost of bringing you the Fringe
each year?

The VISA button. Costing $4, not only does it make a fine souvenir, it
does these vital things:

1. The $4 you pay for a VISA goes directly to Intrepid Theatre, the non-
profit society that produces the Fringe. This is your investment in the
future of theatrical risk-taking.

2. A VISA on your shirt helps the Fringe get noticed - the downtown 
business people who donate money to the Fringe can see the direct
impact of their contribution on their business. Corporate donations
make up about HALF of the remaining $12 that your VISA doesn't pay for.

3. When you wear a VISA, we can recognize you - and you can recognize 
other members of the massive Fringe Family. Talk to them, share opinions.
Have a drink after the show. Meet them at Venue 4 for the 11 oclock show 
tomorrow. Never see them again, or marry them, or sort-of-half recognize
them on the ferry. And when you do, remember the good time you had at
the Fringe!

4. Also, having a VISA button entitles you to socialize with fellow Fringe
goers at our member's only club, he Fringe Green Room! (Downstairs at
the Bedford Regency Hotel, 1140 Government Street).

You can pick up the one-time good-for-any-number-of-shows VISA button at
any indoor box-office when you pick up your first show ticket, or
at the Info Booth in front of Eaton Centre!