Welcome to the Victoria Telecommunity Network's
              Music Special Interest Group (MuSIG)
This SIG is designed with Music-lovers in mind.  
You're invited to contribute to the *General Discussions* area.
All topics related to music are welcome.  This may include 
anything from a review of your favorite album to a comment
on the latest dance craze.
  We encourage user feedback, please leave any questions,
  suggestions or (constructive) criticism that will help make
  this SIG the best that it can be.
  Questions about Freenet in general *should* be posted on the 
  Headquarters Q&A forum. (Type "go hq" and choose menu item #7.)
  However, if you're feeling brave, post your questions here, 
  and we'll do our best to help you.  :)
 If you're looking for a place to buy/sell musical items, try
the VIFA classifieds, available from the MuSIG menu and also
from any of the "Your Choice" prompts via typing "go 4sale" or
"go classified".
  There's also an area there for Local (musical?) Events.
A final caution, this SIG is intended to be a *friendly* place.  
    Debate over favourite musicians etc. is fine, but 
     Please keep this in mind.  Thank you and enjoy!
If you wish to contact us directly, try sending e-mail to 
either of the addresses below.
   Julian Pattison  uh231@freenet.victoria.bc.ca
VIFA liason
   Marcus de Roos   uj613@freenet.victoria.bc.ca