The main idea behind this SIG is to provide writers of all genres a place 
to show their work in a constructive workshop atmosphere.  The main word 
is "constructive". 

The section "writing life" is for general discussions about what the 
writing life is, for complaints, questions, suggestions, ideas about ways 
to survive as a writer. The markets section, I hope, will be used as a 
place to let everyone know of markets, contests, etc. so that we can all 
be informed.  Please be thorough in this section, with as much 
information as possible. It would be rotten to be rejected because you 
didn't have all the rules...

For the workshop sections, again, I hope that the criticism is 
constructive. None of us benefit by false praise, however.  Let's try to 
make this a place where writers can grow, bitch, chat, and feel comfortable.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.  My e-mail 

Chris Martens