AN ORDER IN THE MATTER OF the Utilities Commission Act,
S.B.C. 1980, c. 60, as amended

and A Policy on Participant Funding

BEFORE:	M.K. Jaccard, Chairperson; and	)
	K.L. Hall, Commissioner		)	December 8, 1993

				  O  R  D  E  R


A.	In 1992 the Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources 
("MEMPR") advised the Commission that the Government was developing a 
policy on intervenor funding and was considering an amendment to Section
133 of the Utilities Commission Act ("the Act") so that participant 
assistance could be implemented for hearings conducted by the Commission; and

B.	In a May 17, 1993 News Release, MEMPR announced that the Commission 
would be able to assist public interest groups with some of the costs
associated with regulatory proceedings and public reviews with legislation
being made retroactive to April 1, 1993; and

C.	On June 18, 1993 legislative approval was given to participant funding
with changes to Section 133 of the Act to allow for the payment of participant
costs; and

D.	On August 23, 1993 the Commission released its draft policy on 
participant funding and asked a broad spectrum of public interest groups for
comments, which were subsequently received and considered; and

E.	On November 4, 1993 the Commission issued a new draft policy on
participant funding, taking into account the previous responses to its first
draft policy issued in August 1993.  The Commission indicated to the public
interest groups that a final policy on participant funding should be in place 
prior to the next series of public hearings before it; and

F.	The Commission has reviewed the draft policy, comments from 
special interest groups and requires that the policy on participant 
funding be implemented.

NOW THEREFORE the Commission orders as follows:

	Pursuant to Section 133.1 of the Act, the Commission approves the
policy on participant funding, attached as Appendix A to this Order,
effective April 1, 1993.

DATED at the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia,
this 9th day of December, 1993.

					Dr. Mark K. Jaccard