The following reasonable expenses are eligible for participant assistance:

A.	Loss of Wages

	An individual who has incurred a wage or salary loss as a result 
of participating in a hearing may recover a wage loss up to $175 per day 
if the participation is not considered a function of normal employment 
and if wages are, in fact, lost,.  Proof of such loss is required from 
claimant's employer.

B.	Legal Fees

	The Commission panel will consider factors such as experience 
before regulatory tribunals, complexity of the issue and overall conduct 
of the counsel in determining an appropriate contribution or partial 
award towards legal costs.

C.	Expert Consultants

	The consultants' hourly rate will be compared to the fee schedule 
of professional organizations such as the Association of Professional 
Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of British Columbia and the 
Canadian Association of Management.  In each case the expert's resume 
must be provided and the application reviewed considering the quality of 
service rendered.

D.	Disbursements

	Disbursements directly related to the participant's participation 
in the hearing will be allowed.  Payment may be up to BCGEU rates 
applicable to the Regulatory Affairs staff of the Commission for travel, 
accommodation and meals, etc.

Maximum $40.00/Day	(Out of Town Participants)

Breakfast only				$20.00
Lunch only				20.00
Dinner only				26.00
Breakfast & Lunch			27.00
Breakfast & Dinner			33.00
Lunch & Dinner				33.00

				(Out of Town Participants)

Vehicle Mileage:			$.34/km (2)
Airfare:			Full Fare Economy (2)

(single room rate)			May 1 thru Sept 30		
Oct 1 thru April 30

Greater Vancouver			$95.00 + taxes		$70.00 + taxes
Victoria				$80.00 + taxes		$65.00 + taxes
All other areas in Province		$70.00 + taxes		$65.00 + taxes


1.	Meal Expenses/Out of Town Participants:  The rates applicable to 
those Registered Intervenors who have applied to attend a hearing not in 
their immediate area.

2.	Travel Rate/Out of Town Participants:  The rates applicable to 
those Registered Intervenors who have applied for funding to attend a 
hearing not in their immediate area.  The cost approved for consideration 
will be the lesser amount of the two options.

3.	Accommodation rates apply to the area in which the hearing is 
being conducted.  Please make note of the different seasonal rates 
applicable for high and low seasons.

E.	Child Care

	Child care (when such expenses are incurred for the purpose of 
participating) may be allowed to a maximum of $50.00 per day.  Only child 
care expenses may be claimed.  If child care expenses are already 
incurred for existing circumstances they are not eligible for reimbursement.

F.	Goods and Services Tax (GST)

	The participants will be compensated for GST they actually pay on 
reasonable costs which cannot be reclaimed under the provisions of the GST.

G.	Other costs

	Costs which the Commission panel may deem as reasonable.