The Purposes of the Society are:

1. To enable the community to be actively involved in the preservation,
    rehabilitation and planned development of James Bay so as to
    preserve and enhance the quality of the environment and life

2. To promote community awareness of and involvement in environmental
    issues and their impact on the community, and facilitate community
    input to the continuous review and upgrading of the James Bay Plan.

3. To insure that all development proposals reflect the James Bay
    Community Plan and accurately reflects the values, issues and
    concerns of James Bay residents.

4. To be sensitive to community concerns, to educate and assist
    individuals and community groups with respect to environmental and
    ecological developments.

5. To hear, research and assess through consistent procedures all
    proposals for land use development in James Bay.

6. To advise the City government on proposals for land use development
    in James Bay.

7. To seek representation on committees of Council which relate to the
    purposes* goals and objectives of the society.

6. To actively represent James Bay at all levels 0 government with
    respect to issues affecting James Bay.

9. To provide an open forum for discussion with a view to promoting
    input into the decision making processes that concern James bay.

le. To preserve the heritage character of the neighborhood.

11. To support community groups and individuals in their efforts to
    meet these objectives.

12. To actively liaise with other neighborhoods to insure all residents
    of Victoria have informative public forums to discuss issues that
    affect their quality of environment and life.