This month I would like to touch on three issues  The first is the ongoing 
discussions on the future of Ogden Pt.I was invited as a panel member at the 
September meeting of the Working Harbours Association.  The meeting was 
certainly a eye opener on the diversity of interests involved with this site.
To follow the vision expressed by some speakers, a major arterial, or a 
renewed spur of the E & N Railway through the neighbourhood would be necessary
all this in order to ship a notİasİyet identified cargo!  These speakers 
made it clear that anyone who would question such bold enterprise must 
certainly be a nimby.  I hope saner mind prevail!  I have been assured by 
the City of Victoria that the only land uses foreseen on Ogden Pt. are those 
embodied in the James Bay Neighbourhood Plan, which does not envision uses of
this nature.  It must be realized by all participants in these discussions 
that it is 1995 not 1935, and that Ogden Pt. is now surrounded by a rather 
pleasant, although somewhat dense residential neighbourhood.  I personally 
remain positive that improvements can be made to this site to enhance its 
ability to generate wealth and  employment. The rights of the existing 
stakeholders, of which the neighbourhood of James Bay is most certainly
one, must be recognized.The second issue is the proposal by Island 
Mobile Depots to set up a recycling site in the neighbourhood for cardboard 
and plastic items. At present, many of us are forced to store our cardboard 
and recylablesfor several months until we can justify the trip to Fairfield 
Plaza. Some, who do not have the luxury of a vehicle are simply forced to add
it to our landfill.The site that seems to currently have the best merit is the 
rarely used, cityİowned parking lot adjacent to MacDonald Park, off Simcoe St.
 The operation is not noisy or smelly, and the site is set back, therefore 
disruption would be minimal to adjacent neighbours. Consideration should be 
given to expressing our support for this positive enviromental initative.
The last item I would like to update you on is the status of the
Neighbourhood Traffic Plan. It is on track, and the process of  selection of a
consultant is in its final stage.It is important that from the outset, we 
recognize that this process is not a reveiw of  the arterials, and it is 
only a plan.It is up to the neighbourhood to identify priorities, since 
implementation is always subject to the budget constraints of City  Hall.