Canada's First Completed Cohousing Community


Completed in August of 1994, Cardiff Place is a condominium style cohousing
project located on the corner of Fairfield Road and Harbinger Street in
Victoria. It contains 17 units and over 3,000sq.ft. of common facilities
spread over two four-story buildings. One of the buildings is a turn of the
century manor that has been completely renovated. The other building is new
and built in the same style as the old building. 

Unit Details

The units range in size from a 400sq.ft. bachelor suite to a 1,400 sq.ft.
three bedroom unit. The residents made many quality improvements to the
units such as extra soundproofing, gas fireplaces, extra thick carpet
underpadding, extra cable and telephone wires to accomadate the information
highway, and ultra low flush toilets to reduce water consumption. 

Common Facilities

Cardiff Place has a common kitchen, dining room, lounge with a fireplace,
indoor childrens play room, outdoor children's play area, two workshops,
covered and secure bicycle storage, a guest bedroom, laundry, storage, pantry,
vegetable garden, composter, and an outdoor patio.


Residents range in age from 4 to well into their retirement years.
Adults are evenly spread between their 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. There are
singles, couples, families, and single parents. Residents have a diversity
of occupations and incomes from homecare worker to college lecturers to
government administrators.


Tasks are managed by a variety of committees and coordinators who
volunteer for their duties. These committees include food, gardening,
facilities management, people and process, storage, workshop, compost
coordinator, recycling coordinator, childrens and social.


Cardiff Place began in September of 1992 when several people began placing
ads in Monday Magazine looking for others who might be interested in
creating a cohousing community within walking distance of downtown. In the
fall of 1993 the current Cardiff Place site was located and a deal struck
with a builder. The future  residents incorporated as the Victoria
Cohousing Development Society to act as the developer of this project.
Construction began in February of 1994 and was completed in late August of

Becoming Part of Cardiff Place

From time to time units at Cardiff Place come up for sale as residents 
move on. In addition, some of the residents take trips and are looking 
for someone to rent their units. Also, houses adjacent to Cardiff Place 
are also coming up for sale. If you are interested on being put on a waiting 
list, contact below.


For more information on Cardiff Place or cohousing in general, contact

      Fritz Radandt          fradandt@freenet.victoria.bc.ca
                             (604) 920-7984