One of the primary distinguishing features of cohousing is their extensive
common facilities in addition to the private homes. One reason for these
facilities is practicality. Instead of having 20 workshops which are
hardly ever used and are expensive to stock, the community can have one
super/duper workshop. The most important reason for cohousers to have
these common facilities is because it encourages community. The common
facilities provide opportunites for neighbours to bump into each other and
interact. Whether its preparing a common meal together or supervising your
children in the common playroom, the facilities provide and excellent way
to get know your neighbours and share your day.

Every community is free to choose whatever common facilities it desires.
Since money is an issue, most communities never get all of the facilities
they desire right from the start so prioritization is important. Most
cohousing communities do have a common kitchen and dining area as common
meals seems to be a universally desired feature. On the other end of the
scale, very few communities have included an exercise room as is common in
many condominiums.

Here is a list of common cohousing facilities:

1. Kitchen & Dining room - has enough space to seat entire community

2. Children's Play Areas - often have an indoor and outdoor one, also have
                           rooms for different age children such as teens

3. Lounge Area - where people can meet and interact informally

4. Guest Bedroom - means many residents can have a smaller private home

5. Crafts Rooms - lots of fun and sharing

6. Workshop - great for pooling tools and learning from others

7. Community Garden and compost - everyone likes fresh food

8. Daycare - communities with lots of children often build an on-site daycare

9. Meeting Space - often the dining room or lounge is used but some
                   communities have seperate rooms, often used by neighbours

10. Jacuzzi or Sauni - evreyone wants one but usually ends up at bottom of
                       priorities, often added after a few years