How Do Groups Form?

Most cohousing groups are started as the result of one or more "burning
souls". These are people who want desperately to create their visions of
what community should be. Often these people have no construction or design
experience whatsoever. They trust that they will attract or hire the
expertise they need to do the job.

By sharing his or her vision with others, this burning soul attracts a few
other families who become the core group of the project. These 3 to 7 
families, led by the burning soul, will do most of the work of finding a
site, getting a developer, finding future members and so forth. 

Cohousing groups often form around a vision. Some people want
to live in a safe community close to downtown, others in an eco-village
out in the country and still others don't care where they live as long as they
live in an environment where they know their neighbours. It is usually the
burning soul and core group which set the tone that attracts like-minded
future members.

See the "Starting a Cohousing Community" item on the main cohousing menu for
details on starting a group.