1. The Cohousing Network

The Cohousing Network seeks to promote and support cohousing throughout
North America by providing news and information about the development
process, management issues and life in cohousing communities. It publishes
the quarterly Cohousing Journal, the semi-annual directory of North
American Cohousing Communities and organizes the annual Cohousing
Conference. Call (510)526-6124, email cohomag@aol.com or write to P.O. Box
2584 Berkeley CA 94702.

2. Village Development Society

The Village Development Society Promotes cohousing in Southern Vancouver
Island. It holds regular public information meetings with slide
shows. It publishes the Western Canada regional insert newsletter for the
Cohousing Journal. It helps new groups form and provides referrals. It is
actively looking for land suitable for cohousing and new cohousing 
projects. Call (604)920-7984 or email un203@freenet.victoria.bc.ca

3. Comox Valley Cohousing Network

The Comox Valley Cohousing Network helps to promote cohousing in Northern
Vancouver Island. It holds meetings for persons and groups interested in
cohousing every 3 months educates appropriate government agencies. Call

4. BC Cohousing Network

The Cohousing Network, BC Chapter provides general information about
cohousing and referrals to  cohousing communities. It also provides
assistance to help cohousing groups form.  Subscriptions for the Cohousing
Journal are available for $35. Call (604)574-1545.