The Village Development Society was incorporated in January of 1994 as the
Victoria Cohousing Development Society to build Canada's first cohousing
community, Cardiff Place, in the Fairfield area of Victoria. Since then,
the society has expanded its mandate to include the creation of all types
of villages, specifically:

     * cohousing

     * eco-villages

     * electronic villages

Services of the Village Development Society provided to the cohousing
community include: 

     * publication of the Western Canada Cohousing Newsletter 
         - this is a regional insert for the Cohousing Journal

     * holding public meetings about cohousing usually at Cardiff Place

     * connecting interested cohousers with others in the Victoria area

     * providing a list of resources that can be used to assist cohousers

For further information about the Village Development Society contact

     Fritz Radandt      President
     email: un203
     phone: 920-7984