Introducing Cohousing

Cohousing is a term coined by architects Kathryn McCamant and Charles
Durrett to describe resident-developed communities that combine the
autonomy of private dwellings with the advantages of community living.
Homes are usually resident-owned and cluster around a common house with
shared facilities. These may include a kitchen and dining room, childrens
playrooms,  workshops, guest rooms and laundry. Each household is
self-sufficient with a complete kitchen, and can choose how much they want
to participate in community activities. The residents themselves plan,
design and manage their community. Cohousing communities offer an
environmentally sensitive design with a pedestrian orientation. They
typically range from 15 to 30 households. Intergenerational with mixed
family types, its a wonderful place for children to grow up and a great
place to retire! 

There are hundreds of completed cohousing communities in Europe and 20 in
North America by June 1995 with 18 more under construction. In addition,
there are hundreds of North American groups at various stages of the
cohousing development process.