How do I apply to live in a co-op?

Each co-op handles its own applications and waiting list. You need
to apply in writing to each co-op that you would like to live in.
After you apply, you will be put on a waiting list.

To learn how to receive information about the housing co-ops in the 
Greater Victoria area, contact VICHA at 384-3151 

When you receive this information, read it carefully. Go through the
list of co-ops and find the ones that you would like to live in.
You may consider some of these things when choosing a co-op.

Location: You may want to live in a co-op that is near a certain
school or near a bus route.

Number of bedrooms: The co-op has to match your family size to the
size of the unit. This means a single person should not apply to a
co-op that doesn't have any 1-bedroom units. A couple with one
child would not be eligible to move into a 3-bedroom unit.

Pets: If you have pets, look for co-ops that allow pets. They may
have rules about the kind, number, or size of pets you may have.

Wheelchair adapted units: If you use a wheelchair, you will
probably apply to those co-ops that have adapted units.

Share Purchase: Some co-ops charge a higher Share Purchase than
others, and this may be important for you. Some co-ops allow people
to pay the Share Purchase over time. If you are on Social Services
you may want to talk to your worker to see if there is any help
available for you to pay the Share Purchase.

Once you have chosen the co-ops you would like to apply to, try
phoning them if a telephone number is given. In some cases there
may be a small application fee. Otherwise, write to each co-op,
asking for an application form. Be sure to enclose a business-size,
self-addressed stamped envelope. Usually the most efficient way to
apply to a co-op is through the mail. 

When the application form arrives, fill it out and send it back to
the co-op. Try to include as much information about your household
as you can. 

After that, at least every six months, contact all the co-ops you
applied to and let them know you're still interested in living
there. If the co-op gives you different instructions, (to update
your application every three months, for example), follow the
instructions the co-op gives you. 

If at any time there is a change in your family size, income,
address, or phone number, let the co-ops know.