Bringing the Co-operative Spirit Into Play
Beach Games

Beaches have endless promise.

Faced with an expanse of sand and sea, most children take off
running as if to see whether all that space will ever end. The
shovels and frisbees and beachballs come later. 

Did you forget the beach ball?  Try tossing an imaginary ball
back and forth. You can throw a variety of imaginary objects, but
make sure you let the other person know what you're tossing: 
It's a basketball! It's a snowball! No, it's a live lobster!

Here on Vancouver Island we have some of the best ocean beaches
possible  splendid rocky shores for all kinds of co-operative
-  clamber on the rocks
-  throw stones in the water
-  dodge the waves
-  explore tidal pools
-  try to see a starfish moving
-  count anemones
-  wave at barnacles
-  look for seals
-  tightrope walk on driftwood logs
-  swim if you dare
-  stare at the water for hours
-  collect pockets full of stones and empty crab shells 
-  watch ships disappear below the horizon

Have a happy, co-operative summer!

Maureen Woodall
From June/July 1995 VICHA Newsletter (Newsletter of the Vancouver
Island Co-operative Housing Association).

Co-operative games allow everyone to take part without feeling
left out, without feeling like losers, and without hurting or
getting hurt. If you would like to share a co-operative game with
us, please e-mail Maureen Woodall: