How much will I pay to live in a co-op?

A co-op member is required to pay a share purchase upon move-in.
The amount of the share purchase varies, but is usually between
$500 and $6000. The share purchase is returned, minus deductions
for any damage, when a member moves out. Some co-ops may allow the
share purchase to be paid over time. People on Social Services may
ask their workers whether they can get help with their share

Co-op Members also pay a monthly housing charge, which is geared to
income. The maximum housing charge may be close to or lower than
rental rates in the private market. 

People receiving Social Assistance pay the shelter portion of their
cheque minus an averaged hydro deduction. People with other kinds
of income pay up to 25-30% of their gross annual income. 

As family income changes, the housing charges can be adjusted as
long as enough subsidy money is available.