Bringing the Co-operative Spirit Into Play
Fall into Autumn

Kids ... You can do a good deed for your co-op, help the
environment, and have fun -- all at the same time!

All those dead leaves lying on the ground are just crying out for
you to
1) rake them into a gigantic, humongous, super-colossal pile
2) jump on them, smush them, kick, swish, and squish them
3) toss them into a compost pile or pitch them on a garden.

The grownups will be grateful you saved them the trouble of
raking. The leaves will break down into yummy compost to feed the
garden, and you'll help that process along by crushing them into
smaller pieces.

Remember two things though!
1) Always make sure you know what's under a leaf pile before you
jump (no rocks, no concrete, no rakes, no other kids!)
2) Never leave a rake lying on the ground. Rakes have a habit of
tripping people or of springing up and bopping them on the nose.

- Maureen Woodall
From October 1995 VICHA Newsletter (Newsletter of the Vancouver
Island Co-operative Housing Association).

Co-operative games allow everyone to take part without feeling
left out, without feeling like losers, and without hurting or
getting hurt. If you would like to share a co-operative game with
us, please e-mail Maureen Woodall: