Because Co-op members as a group are responsible for the management
of their co-ops, all members are expected to participate in
whatever co-op activities they can.

Participation in a co-op can mean many different things. All
members are asked to attend general meetings to make major

Particular skills such as financial knowledge, office skills, or
maintenance skills will be welcome in a co-op. However, people
without skills and people with disabilities can still contribute a
great deal to the co-op community.

Participation can mean being on the Board of Directors or joining
a committee. Committees help with such co-op activities as
maintenance, taking care of the co-op's finances, or working on the
co-op's newsletter. The membership committee usually handles
applications, interviews people who want to live in the co-op, and
helps new members learn about the co-op. 

People can also participate by cleaning up the co-op grounds or
common room, by phoning their neighbours to remind them of
meetings, and by attending and speaking up at meetings of the co-op
or of a particular committee.