About this SIG

VICHA, the Vancouver Island Co-operative Housing Association, is a
non-profit organization representing the 34 housing co-ops on
Vancouver Island. These co-ops are homes for nearly 1200 families.
Vicha's purpose is quite simply to support co-op housing. We do this
in several ways.

The co-ops on Vancouver Island were built under Federal Co-op
Housing Programs, the last of which was cancelled in 1992. Although
a provincial housing program may allow some co-ops to be built in
the future, at present, unfortunately, someone must move out of a
co-op before anyone can move in. 
All levels of government need continual reminders of the great need
for affordable housing. Here in Victoria especially, housing is
unaffordable for many people.

Co-op members are responsible for the management of their co-op.
They must follow the law, report as required to the government,
keep their co-op finances healthy, maintain the building in good
condition, select new members, and deal with any problems that come
up. To do all this well, co-op members need specialized education.
VICHA holds workshops for co-op members to help them develop the
skills they need to run the co-op.

Public Information: 
When people want to apply to live in a co-op, we answer their
questions. Our 24-hour information line outlines the basics of co-
op housing. Our Co-op Information Pamphlet has more details about
co-op housing and the 34 co-ops on the Island. It also lists other
agencies which provide affordable housing. 

For more information, contact:
514 - 620 View Street
Victoria BC.  
V8W 1J6 

Information line: 384-3151
Business Phone: 384-9444