What is Co-op Housing?

Housing Co-ops are affordable, mixed income communities that are
run by the people who live in them. Since the Co-op members are
responsible for the management of their co-ops, all members are
expected to participate in whatever co-op activities they can.

People of any income level may live in a co-op. Instead of rent,
members pay a monthly housing charge to help cover the cost of the
co-op's mortgage, taxes and operating expenses. The monthly housing
charges are geared to income. As family income changes, the housing
charges can be adjusted as long as enough subsidy money is

Life today can be very stressful, especially for a family trying to
make ends meet. Co-op housing provides safe, affordable housing, a
sense of security, and the chance for people to learn new skills
and to have a say in what happens in the community. 

By reducing some of the stress of daily life, co-op living can
increase people's confidence and self esteem. It can meet both
their physical and their emotional needs. 

Co-operative housing is arguably the most effective of all housing
programs. It does far more than just put roofs over people's heads.