Individual Advocacy and Landlord/Tenancy Issues

The Action Committee of People with Disabilities offers an 
Individual Advocacy Program around housing issues. The goal 
of the program is to support a person with a disability in 
learning to manage, coordinate and negotiate with a wide 
range of community resources and government services that 
can be crucial in meeting their housing needs.

Our advocate can help you with:
* Support in resolving landlord/tenancy issues
* Information on rights issues and discrimination in housing
* Information on housing options in the Capital Regional 
District including how to apply for  social housing.
* Ensuring that you are receiving the maximum Shelter 
allowances under GAIN.
* Housekeeping services under Long Term Care
* Referral to other community housing agencies
* One-on-one help in searching out and securing 

Our advocates are here to help you with these and other 
issues. We will attempt to solve your problems through 
conflict resolution and other means. When appropriate we 
will act as your advocate in arbitration hearings at the 
Residential Tenancy Branch. If we can assist you in any way, 
call our advocates at 383-4105.

Discrimination Against People With Disabilities Prohibited!

You should know that under sections of the Human Rights' Act 
and the Residential Tenancy Act you can not be discriminated 
against in obtaining housing because of your disability. 
Furthermore, under recent changes to the Residential Tenancy 
Act you cannot be discrimination against because of source 
of income.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against in 
securing a rental or any other accommodation, contact our 
advocates at 383-4105. They will be able to let you know 
about your rights and what action you can take.

Recent Changes to the Residential Tenancy Act

There are some recent changes to the Residential Tenancy Act 
that both renters and landlords should know about. If you 
have any questions about these or other sections of the Act, 
call our advocates at 383-4105.