SAFER: Shelter Aid for Elderly Residents

The SAFER program provides direct cash assistance to 
eligible residents of BC age 60 and over who live in rental 
accommodations. The objective of the program is to ensure 
that older British Columbians need not spend an unreasonable 
portion of their income on rent. 

People may be eligible for the SAFER program if each of the 
following conditions are met:

1. Renting 
2. 65 years or older and entitled to receive Canadian Old 
   Age Security, or age 60 to 64 (Canadian citizen or landed 
3. have resided in Canada for 10 continuous years as an 
4. either applicant or spouse has resided in BC for one year 
   immediately prior to application
5. paying more than 30 per cent of their total income for 

For those who pay room and board, the rent portion is 
determined as half of the total room and board paid. 

Money paid for board or other personal services is not 
considered rent.
* Residents of a care facility funded by the Ministry of 
  Health or the Ministry of Social Services; 
* those whose rent is subsidized; 
* mobile home owners renting space for their home; and
* member-shareholders in cooperative housing associations 
  are not eligible for SAFER. 

Since income assistance recipients (other than those who are 
receiving the provincial Seniors Supplement or medical 
services only) are being assisted with their shelter costs 
they also are not eligible for SAFER.

How does SAFER work?

If a person is paying more than 30 per cent of total income 
toward rent, SAFER may a percentage of the amount which 
exceeds 30 per cent of income.

Assistance is calculated to give greater benefits to low 
income seniors.

Applications may be picked up at the SAFER office, 4th 
Floor, 1175 Douglas St. or call 953-4165.