Consumer Consulting Group:

Accessibility is a major obstacle faced by many disabled 
people in our community when trying to secure housing. 
People with physical disabilities may be prevented from 
renting places because the accommodation is not accessible 
to someone in a wheelchair. Seniors who become newly 
disabled may be forced to moved from their home because of 
mobility or other disabilities that prevent them from living 
independently. Often, minor renovations to a senior's house 
can enable that person to remain independent.

ACPD's Consumer Consulting Group is a group of  disabled 
consumers trained in accessibility and other design issues 
who will act as a resource to a wide range of people in the 
community to increase the number of accessible housing units 
and to enable individuals to remain in their home.  People 
who may use our service include:

* Homeowners wishing to make their place accessible
* Landlords who may wish to know if their units are 
  accessible or how they can be made accessible
* Tenants who may wish to have their units reviewed for
  possible renovations
* Seniors wishing to know what adaptations can be made to 
  their homes to maintain their independence.
* Residents of social housing developments who may wish to 
  know how truly accessible their wheelchair designated 
  unit is.

Our Accessibility Consulting Group will provide the 
following services:

* An "on-site" assessment and evaluation of the 
  "accessibility" on an existing housing unit or property.
* "On-site" inspection of newly constructed (or being 
  constructed) accommodations to ensure that accessible 
  features are being taken into consideration.
* Recommendations on how to make the unit and/or site more 
* Information on Building Codes such as 3.7 (Building 
  Requirements for Persons with Disabilities) and other 
* Information on Government grants such as the Residential 
  Rehabilitation Assistance Program (see Government Housing 
  Programs and Grants menu).
* Information on local architects, trades people and other 
  individuals in the housing industry who specialize in 
  accessible design and construction.
* Information on various home adaptation products and aids 
  that can assist one to live independently in their home.
If you would like to have an accessibility assessment done 
on your home, property or building give Michael a call at 
383-4105. Michael is the Coordinator of our Consultant 
Group. Or if you just want to know more about this service, 
please give us a call.

And while we are on the topic of accessibility, we encourage 
you to take part in the discussion group under the general 
housing menu. Maybe you know of some unique ways in which 
homes can be made more accessible. Or perhaps you have read 
- or even use - some product that makes living easier in 
one's home. 

We would also like to hear about positive examples in our 
community of homeowners, landlords and others who have made 
their places more accessible for people with disabilities. 
We want to hear about them. Maybe you know of a new housing 
development in your neighbourhood. Do you know if some of 
the units are being made accessible? Let us know!

Together we can increase the number of accessible, 
affordable and suitable housing units for people with 
disabilities in our community.