About this sig:

For over twenty years ACPD, The Action Committee of People with Disabilities 
(formerly known as the Handicapped Action Committee) has promoted the full 
integration of people with disabilities in our community.  Through public 
and individual advocacy, ACPD has helped disabled people to achieve their 
independence and to participate in community life. 

One of the major obstacles faced by people with disabilities in achieving 
their independence is the lack of affordable, accessible and suitable 
housing.  A large number of individuals in our community are "housing 
disadvantaged" because of their disabilities and other factors such as 
discrimination. Because many people with disabilities have low-incomes, 
finding adequate accommodation is extremely difficult.

The  Action Committee has a new Housing Initiatives Project the goal of which 
is to address the systemic barriers faced by people with disabilities in 
meeting their housing needs. This sig group will discuss some of the issues 
around housing and offers solutions that we as a community can implement to 
remove these barriers.
  First a definition of terms:

By housing unit we may mean a person's home, a rental, a unit in a co-op or 
social housing, a residence in a group home, a room in a care facility, a 
transition house. Fruthermore, we strongly believe that housing means more 
than just a place to live!

Affordable: the commonly accepted standard of affordability is that annual 
housing costs not exceed 30% of a household's gross income.

Accessible: truly accessible housing includes physical and structural access 
as well as the availability of support services and proximity to other 
essential community supports.

Suitable: We believe that just because someone can afford a place and it is 
accessible, it does not mean that a person with a disability would find such 
accommodation suitable. Disabled people must be accorded the same choices in 
"suitable housing" as are able-bodied individuals. 	

If you would like to become directly involved in ACPD's Housing Initiatives 
Project or to use any of our services, such as our Individual Advocacy Program,
or our Consumer Consultant Group on Accessibility, we invite you to give Carol
or David a call at 383-4105 or drop by our office at 926 View Street, just 
below London Drugs.

The different sub menus in this sig present information on various ways in 
which we can ensure the existence of adequate housing for people with 
disabilities in our community. We invite you to browse through the menus and 
to take part in the housing discussion group. We want everyone to exchange 
their creative ideas on how we can address this housing need. 
The Action Committee of People with Disabilities is facilitating this housing 
sig ideas in the belief that affordable housing builds strong communities.