Abstracts of Fisheries Management Reports,
Technical Circulars and Project Reports
of the Fisheries Branch


Daiva O. Zaldokas
Debra L. Aird

B.C. Fisheries Branch, 2204 Main Mall, U.B.C.,
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4

Fisheries Technical Circular No. 91



Zaldokas, D.O. and D.L. Aird.  1991.  Abstracts of 
fisheries management reports, technical circulars 
and project reports of the Fisheries Branch, 1987-91.  
Prov. B.C. Fish. Tech. Circ. No. 91:56p.

This publication is a compilation of 7 Fisheries 
Management Reports, 9 Fisheries Technical Circulars and 
109 Fisheries Project Reports of the Fisheries Branch of 
the British Columbia Ministry of Environment.  Only 
reports dated 1988 through 1991 were included. Where 
abstracts were unavailable summaries, introductions or 
titles were used.  The compilation was assembled from 
the files of the Research and Development Section of the 
Fisheries Branch, and may be incomplete.

Fisheries Management Reports and Technical 
Circulars are reviewed and edited by the Fisheries 
Research and Development Section and are circulated to 
all Regional offices and other agencies in adjoining 
states and provinces.  Review and editing of Fisheries 
Project reports are the responsibility of the author and 
circulation is very limited.