ADMINISTRATION & MUNICIPAL CLERK             478-5541
     ENGINEERING & BUILDING INSPECTION            478-5999
     FINANCE & PROPERTY TAXES                     478-5530
     FIRE PROTECTION & ENQUIRIES                  478-8321
     PLANNING AND ZONING                          478-5590
     PUBLIC WORKS                                 474-4133
     EMERGENCY - PUBLIC WORKS                     389-8633
                            ......after 4:30 p.m.
     EMERGENCY PROGRAM COORDINATOR                478-0172
     NOW ON FREENET   -     ====> go colwood


 For 1996, the City of Colwood will continue with the Spring Household
 Clean-Up Program format used in 1995, a drop-off program utilizing
 three large bins at the Public Works Yard.  A Colwood employee will be
 available to assist in loading of the material into the bins.  This
 service is provided for City of Colwood residents only and
 identification will be requested. The times for the drop-off program
 are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 20th, 1996 and from
 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 22nd, to Saturday, April 27th,


 Appliances, asphalt shingles (a bag or two, but not a truck load),
 automotive batteries, automotive parts, barrels, bathtubs, bikes,
 branches, bricks, cardboard, carpet, clothing, compost, concrete
 blocks, fridges, freezers, furniture, glass, grass clippings,
 hot water tanks, household garbage, lumber, rims, rocks, sinks,
 sports equipment, stoves, tires, toilets, underlay, wood waste.


 Drywall, gypsum board (both are accepted by Alpine Disposal),
 oil (accepted by Canadian Tire), paint (may be taken to Cubbons or
 Home Hardware), propane tanks (Hartland Land Fill).

 Reminder: There is no door to door collection of materials for the
 Spring Clean-Up Program.  Any questions in this regard should be
 referred to City Hall, Engineering Department. 478-5999

 representing a cross section of the community, i.e. service groups,
 seniors, Chamber of Commerce, First Nations, school student
 representatives, municipalities.

 Come and find out what police-based services are available to you in
 the community; ask questions and share concerns.

 2:00 P.M. TO 9:00 P.M.


 The RCMP co-ordinates a service which provides assistance to victims.
 If you, or anyone you know, are interested in training, please contact
 Constable Barb Alexander, Western Communities RCMP, at 474-2264.

                                    ... MR. ED PAQUETTE ...
    1.   March 1st to 3rd     -  Home Show - Memorial Arena
    2.   April 21s            -  Earth Day
    3.   April 27th and 28th  -  Island Kids Trade Show at
                                  Juan de Fuca Arena
    4.   May 6th to 12th      -  National Compost Awareness Week
    5.   May 14th and 15th    -  Trends Exhibit
    6.   Environment Week     -  1st week of June

 Each of these events will feature displays and/or information concerning
 waste reduction and recycling.  As well, please don't forget the
 CRD Hotline at 360-3030 for information on these and other related matters.

 Taking your recyclable materials to the curb every two weeks in your
 blue box is neither the start nor the end of your responsibility to
 reduce waste.  It is important to first seek out products that do not
 contribute to the waste stream.  Items which use minimal packaging or
 recyclable packing are your best options.  Then it is important to use
 products that are made using recycled materials and to patronize
 merchants and manufacturers who are contributing to our collective
 effort.  You can usually recognize products which are made using
 recycled materials by the recycled symbol.
 As we approach spring and summer, now might be a good time to pull
 out the old hammer and saw and put together that composting bin.
 If you need some advice concerning the many varieties of bins, or
 on the construction of a compost bin, call (386-9676) or visit the
 Compost Education Centre at 1216 North Park Street.  Hours commencing
 April 1st are Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Sunday
 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

     EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS:     Coordinator, Jim Durance   478-0172

 A major disaster can happen to any of us, any time. We are not only
 referring to a large earthquake, but to many of the other hazards
 that we hear about too frequently. Colwood's emergency plan usually
 refers to the major earthquake scenario, but we are also ready for
 lesser evils too.

 Then, along with all our planning, comes reality. Once the residents
 have survived the disaster, they must follow a personal response plan,
 then get themselves to the help we have set up. Our earlier Emergency
 Planning Seminars have been well received, and we are going to have
 more. Everyone must be prepared to be on his/her own for up to three
 days.  You must be prepared for a total lack of services (telephone,
 hydro, water) and virtually 'camp out' for a short while. There is a
 short list of simple, very low cost ideas for you to consider. Ideas
 that would make your ultimate survival much more pleasant, and less
 stressful. When you think about all the incidents that could happen
 and cause you to be evacuated from your home, you get an idea of what
 we are talking about.
    Do you know where to evacuate to?
    Is your personal evacuation kit ready?
    Who in your neighbourhood knows first aid?
    What are you going to do about water?
    How can you tell if your home is still 'habitable'?
    How do I get the kids from school?

 Any plan, to look after 13,500 people in emergency conditions, will
 take many willing volunteers. If you want to be a part of the
 recovery process, call the Emergency Planning Coordinator at 478-0172.
 Our next awareness seminar will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday
 (March 27th) and Thursday (March 28th)at City Hall.  It is open to
 the whole family and takes about 2 hours.
 Phone City Hall at 478-5541 and reserve seating for the evening of
 to 60 for each night.  Plan to come, take notes, get handouts, get
 peace of mind.

     1996 Census - What you Should Know....

 * Tuesday, May 14th, 1996, is Census Day.
 * Every person living in Canada, including those on visas or claiming
 refugee status, must be counted.  
 * For each person missed in B.C. and the Yukon, federal transfer
 payments for health care, postsecondary education, and social services
 are lost.       
 * By law, all census information is strictly confidential and not
 available to any unauthorized person.


 Construction of Colwood Corners Sanitary Sewer System is now underway.
 This project and the Capital Regional District Trunk Sewer through
 Colwood to Langford are both on schedule, and it is expected that
 Colwood's system will be operational in the Spring of 1997.
 These projects are two-thirds funded by the Senior Governments,
 Federal and Provincial, with the remaining 1/3 funding from taxes
 levied to the Colwood specified sewer areas.
 A proposal to extend a trunk sewer into Colwood from the Capital
 Regional District trunk sewer is presently being reviewed by staff.


 The City of Colwood is presently reviewing a comprehensive
 development plan submitted with regard to the Producer's Pit
 gravel pit.  The owners are seeking an amendment to the Official
 Community Plan to further the planning of what is presently a gravel
 pit, but which should be depleted in 5 to 15 years.  The plan
 proposes a new community to be home for between 6,400 and 7,500
 residents living in approximately 2,800 hundred homes. It will be
 home to people with a range of incomes, ages, and lifestyles.
 There will be a village centre with a plaza promenade near to the
 waterfront to provide an opportunity for a range of shops, businesses,
 and professional services.  There will be a 7.5 kilometer perimeter
 greenway incorporating several environmentally sensitive areas.
 A 1.8 kilometer waterfront park would be a feature of the community.
 There would be a number of smaller, local parks and connecting
 greenways.  Two school sites would be provided.  The community will
 not happen all at once, but rather in three main phases over at
 least a 15 year period.

 Council has approved a 13 step review process for this proposal.
 It is expected that the proposal will be considered at the Committee
 of the Whole Meeting scheduled for Monday, March 18th, at 7:00 p.m.
 If you would like to attend the meeting at which the proposal is
 considered, you may wish to confirm the date by contacting the
 Planning Department at 478-5590.  


 As part of the Official Community Plan process, the City of Colwood
 is reviewing planning and design guidelines for Colwood Corners,
 and producing a local area plan for the Belmont Road area.  This
 review will update the Colwood Corners Local Area Plan, produced
 in 1991, and will include detailed planning and design guidelines.
 The Belmont Road area currently does not have a local area plan,
 and the study will prepare land use designations and planning and
 design guidelines for the area.  

 A public open house was held in December to review preliminary
 planning and design options, prepared by Bill Lipsey Architect and
 CitySpaces Consulting Ltd.  The public comments received have helped
 to refine the planning and design options, and a public open house
 is scheduled to be held on:
       TUESDAY, MARCH 26TH, 1996 4:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M.

 Please come and see the planning and design proposals for these areas!
 If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Planning
 Department at 478-5590.


 We are pleased to report the residents of Colwood have discovered the
 Greater Victoria Public Library - and obviously like what they see!
 In the less-than-2 months since becoming eligible for service, over
 2,200 residents have become GVPL cardholders, representing almost 50%
 of the 4,600 new members from the Western Communities.  In the first
 2 weeks of service at Royal Roads, Colwood residents borrowed 6,645
 items.  People from Colwood have also contributed to a 22% increase
 in use of the Central Library on Broughton Street, as well as a 15%
 increase in borrowing at the branch in Saanich Commonwealth Place,
 where they offer Sunday service.

 The interim service at Royal Roads offers the latest in library
 technology.  They have four computers with high speed lines, for the
 public to access GVPL's holdings and place reserves, as well as a
 Freenet terminal offering e-mail and limited Internet capabilities.
 There are also two Apple multimedia workstations offering a variety
 of products on CD-ROM. Our community has also contributed to a 16%
 increase in the number of people who dial-in, from a computer and
 modem, to search our catalogue and place reserves.  In fact, the
 enthusiasm show by the Western Communities in using technology has
 caused GVPL to accelerate some of its plans.  In September, the
 library hopes to introduce a circulating collection of CD-ROM
 products - almost a year ahead of schedule.

 The Saturday morning storytimes at Royal Roads have proven popular,
 and are fully booked.  Children's materials in general account for
 40% of what is being borrowed at this location.  In March, the
 library will be extending their service to the homebound, to
 include residents of the Western Communities.  They will be assisted
 in doing this by volunteers from the Western Communities.  For
 information on any of the library services at Royal Roads, you can
 call 391-0653.
 Sandra Anderson, Chief Librarian, GVPL, would be pleased to hear
 from you with suggestions as to how they can improve service to our
 community.  She can be reached at 384-5222 or, via e-mail at:

   As per Bylaw 189 and amending Bylaw 308

 * No Burning (open or incinerator) is permitted March 1st to
 October 31st inclusive.
 * Beach Fires are allowed with a permit; available at the Colwood
 Fire Station.

 The City and its Fire Department asks for your cooperation, and
 remember to reduce, reuse and recycle to help promote a healthy
 and clean community. Should you have a concern, or require further
 information, contact 478-8321; after hours - 389-7191.