The SLAP committee began meeting in September as you probably know from 
reading the Mirror.  8|)  If the Mirror ever sent a rep to the meetings 
you would know a lot more.

So far this fall the committee has been unable to carry out its assigned 
task.  Most members of the committee want to create a Local Area Plan for 
Sooke.  Instead, Bob Clarke, through his new appointed chairman, insists 
that the committee may only reword the existing OCP for the Sooke 
Electoral Area.  Most time at meetings has been devoted to debating how 
to deal with this issue.

Anyone who has studied the subdivision process in SEA will realize that 
it is not based on a plan.  Thus we get situations where subdivisions 
are stuck out in the boonies with the attendant high infrastructure costs 
and increased traffic flow on already-busy roads.  

A while ago, Adam Enright  posted a message about the future of the Sooke 
Hills.  That is something that should be included in a Local Area Plan 
for the town of Sooke.  Under the present constriction, it cannot be 
included except as a motherhood statement.

The last two meetings of SLAP are indicative of the situation.  The last 
one was cancelled because only three members were planning to attend.  
The previous meeting transacted no business because there was not a forum.

I have no information on the progress of the Incorporation Committee.  
Hopefully someone can post a message on that.